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Cargo Parts

Virtual shop of spare parts and auto parts in Chile.

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Cargo Parts® is an ecommerce project for the sale of all types of automotive parts and spare parts. For this project, two important challenges addressed the user interface and the platform consisting of the search system, filtering system, payment process and sending.

As for the design, it was required to create an interface that was simple, striking and showed what the user would need at a certain moment or phase of the process, any environment to make it easier to find what they were looking for. A very geometric style was implemented that would allow grouping the different types of contents by very defined segments allowing to clearly mark the hierarchy of these. A dynamic feature that was incorporated into the concept was the use of some diagonal elements with an inclination of 15 ° especially in terminations and some highlighting segments. The graphic concept was conjugated with a color palette based on multiple shades of gray with a single important marker that is the corporate blue of the brand.

Interface work denotes the effort to maximize information regarding a product while implementing the different filtering systems available. It was important to allow the user to have all these options showing a clear navigation line.


Characteristics of the project

  • Web design
  • Multi-device interface
  • Development of purchase platform
  • Payment and shipping system
  • SEO optimization

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