Web Design - 05.09.2017


The user is always under the watch.

UI and UX are the basic chemistry of any product, but in this post we will focus on products that are developed at a digital level like software, web and apps.

There are a large number of professionals who are involved in the development of these without being very clear that they mean and above all that makes them different; both have to be developed in the study of the user as a global consumer.

The UI or User Interface is the view that allows a user to interact effectively with a system. It focuses on the visual presentation of a product consistently. The UI is the ‘look & feel’ of a product, this added to the architecture and interface of the UX.

A good UI allows us to give a good UX, but it is not everything, it is just a tool.

In the UI you create elements such as:

Now the UX or User Experience is what a person perceives when interacting with a product or service. A good UX focuses on designing useful, usable and desirable products, which influences the user to feel satisfied, happy and delighted.

This is why it is imperative to understand the users and their real motivations and needs, to consider from that place what interface, what contents and what interactions will achieve the result sought, and finally, validate with users the results produced by the proposed interface.

Within the UX certain parameters are fulfilled as they are:

In a sense the UX and UI function as the backend and frontend at the development level. We also understand that both disciplines need each other mutually, since each of them covers an area that, having points in common with the other, is incomplete for the correct interaction between client and product. Interface Design, without User Experience Design would simply be more or less successful case design level, but that do not take into account a series of factors that would make not all elements used were of interest to the client or user .

On the other hand as a result of the union between UX and UI arises the IxD or Interaction Design which has an intermediate position between both, since it relates operations and functions with the visual aspect of the same.

In conclusion, we can declare that UX / UI / IxD are the phases for the development and completion of a product or project; where each discipline has scenarios and functions that must be performed to achieve a successful and successful product.

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