Develop multiplatform online store project.

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Pastelería online, development of cross-platform online shop project, user registration, digital menu, online orders, comments, valuations, purchase of products and services.

Deep backend project with a long list of options and configurations from the internal and functional point of view; From the point of view of design and layout, maintains a somewhat contrast between hierarchies of texts, headers and blocks of content. It is governed by a clear system of grids or columns that allows to distribute the content in an orderly and appropriate way for a good navigation. Minimum, concise, constant and high contrast colors.

In its total a really meticulous system that looks for to offer the greater comfort to the users, to obtain to have the best experience and to obtain its better qualification.

Characteristics of the project

  • Online store
  • Multiple Forms
  • Multi-user platform
  • Online payments
  • System of comments, qualification and search
  • Multi-device interface
  • Data Management
  • SEO Optimization

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