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¿What is SEO?

What you should know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and why it is so important.

SEO is: search engine optimization or search engine optimization, this is to improve the visibility of a website in the results of different search engines. It is also often named by its English title, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This translates into a series of determinants that a particular website must have so that the search engines can read it and translate it into the result of a search related to its content. This also denotes the visibility that this can have on the network.


Social networks like instagram, facebook, twitter among others; Have SEO tools within their structure that facilitate and allow your information to be available to users, but its limitations in comparison with a personal or corporate website where information is provided and managed by its owners.

Now next we will list some main characteristics of the SEO that must own a well positioned website.

– Offers good content

Content is king on the internet and searchers know it. Quality content is going to make your potential customers return to your page because they find interesting things. You will have the opportunity to conquer them so that you can sell your products or services when they need them. In addition search engines are equipped to detect duplicate content and discard it from results.

-Create unique and accurate page titles

The title is the main element that a searcher detects, since this represents the whole post. Usually this element is the one that stands out above the url and the meta description of a result. It indicates the subject of the article and it is advisable to be explanatory but concise. The <title> tag must be placed inside the <head> tag in the HTML document. The title of your home page may include the name of your website or business and could include other important information such as the physical location of the company.

-Use meta-tag description

Like the <title> tag, the metatag description is placed inside the <head> tag in the HTML document. This usually provides the search engines a brief summary of the page and can these consist of a few words or a short paragraph.

-The URL structure

Simple URLs suggest the content of the page, also these are displayed in the search results. It is also easier for users to repeat the URL of memory or to link it. In addition, users may believe that a portion of the URL is not needed, especially if the URL shows many unrecognizable parameters.

-Make easy browsing on your site

The navigability of a website is important as it helps users to quickly find the content they want and that too is taken into account by search engines. At this point the site map, which is a normal and current page of our website in which its structure is displayed, usually consists of a hierarchical list of the pages that comprise it. The search engines also visit this page for a better indexing of the pages of the same one.

-Write anchor texts

Good anchor texts convey better the content to which we address. The anchor text is the text that we can click on and that users see as a link, they can be input or output to our page. These should also comply with a structure, preferably using terms or concise texts such as “article”, “page”, “click here” this makes it easier to navigate users and strengthen seo.

-Optimizes the use of images

Use the “alt” attribute to provide information about the images. This attribute works as a backup in case the image does not fully load or the connection to the Internet is slow, it also works in case the image is a link to another screen. It is recommended that the images be indexed directly in the HTML document so that the search engines will detect their likeness and the attribute “alt” or description.

-Use header labels appropriately

These are used to present the structure of the page to the users. These tags have six sizes, starting with <h1>, the most important, and ending with <h6>, the least important. Search engines can take these tags into account to check the hierarchy of content on a page.

-Adaptive or device version

Search engines check if your site has a mobile version and if it has low rungs in the search results. This is because a large percentage of the searches are made from mobile devices and having an adaptable version makes it easier for the user to get and appreciate the page better.

It is preferable to have the same design for all devices. If we have two different versions, the search engines will find duplicate content and will have to have two parallel copies of the site.

Here we leave a link to an explanatory tutorial on how to do SEO by self Google.


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